Should You Buy a Used or Refurbished Camera?

For those who are genuinely thinking of becoming a professional photographer, buying a kick-ass camera is a must. Even though your smartphone may work wonders for selfies, it’s not the best tool to take those panoramic pictures or when you want to capture swift moments in life. People who want to photograph wildlife or running water, for example, need a particular type of camera with high focus, maximum aperture, high shutter speed, and a lot more.

But quality cameras don’t come cheap. A good Canon camera could easily set you back £1000. This is not an option if you are on a budget. But hey, when there is a will, there is a way. Don’t let your financial limitations stop you from realising your dream. The second-hand camera market is blooming, so it’s not hard to find a quality used camera which won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Refurbished or Used

When it comes to buying a used camera, you have two options; purchase refurbished or buy a used one. Which one would be better? If you hadn’t known, refurbished items are products that were returned to the company because of some defects. The box has been opened, and the product has been tested, so the company cannot just fix the fault and repackage it as brand new. The company, therefore, has to resell these products as refurbished. These refurbished items often come with their original packaging and a limited warranty. Used cameras, on the other hand, come as-is and often don’t enjoy the same guarantee, because each seller is different, and so is the condition of each camera.

If possible, consider buying a refurbished, because it gives you more of a guarantee. The price may be higher than that of a used camera, but you practically get a new camera at a reduced price.

How to Choose the Right Camera

Refurbished or used, your camera will only serve you well if you know what you are doing. Choosing the right gear is undoubtedly just as important as having the right shooting skills. Without the right camera, you won’t be able to achieve the desired effects. Most often, people choose the model they want to purchase first based on their preference and shooting interest. Once they got a model in mind, they can start searching for an affordable refurbished or used one. Sites such as Amazon or eBay can be of great help. Amazon sells its own refurbished products which come with a generous warranty policy and fast shipping. eBay is where you can find rare models that may not be available on the market. If you buy used, make sure to read the description carefully and know your rights. If the seller doesn’t accept returns, you should be wary. Even if the seller accepts returns, make sure to calculate how much it would cost to return the product, since, in the end, it may end up costing you so dearly that a return may not be a wise option. Ask as many questions as you need to. A good seller will be happy to answer all.